I took a Star Citizen screenshot



Dual 1080p display wallpaper.


That’s sweet.


That is awesome.




nice wallpaper. what kind of monitors do you use? the reason I ask is cuz a dual monitor setup would be kind of awkward wouldn’t it, with bezel right in the middle?


It is for games that don’t allow you to shift focus. Which is why I don’t normally have the game across both displays. I usually have a game on one and stream stuff, browser etc on the other. I also do PC/Mac between the 2 sometimes.


actually, that makes so much sense that I don’t know why I didnt consider that situation in the first place. thanks for sharing though


Set this set as my wallpaper.


Strats-specific Star Citizen wallpaper request a la the one’s done for GTA 5 :wink:


I second that notion.


I haven’t touched photoshop in years… best I could do at the moment.






Maybe this is more your speed?


Here’s a dual 1080p:

And a 1920x1080p:


My vocino lazer mustang fire one is better.

I call it: “Green Screen Croma Rage”.


I agree but I can’t put a picture of myself on my desktop.


Can’t? Or won’t?