I will be planning a meeting



There are a few things we need to discuss and set up so I will be planning a meeting. I am not sure when it will be and I will try to find a time that will work for everyone.

Some things we need to discuss (feel free to add)

  • Guild bank policy
  • Guild events
  • Officer roles?


Just let us know when. I’m free practically all day today and during the day tomorrow.


I am pretty much available after 8pm CST any time during the week and most of the time on weekends. I will be out of town this weekend from Friday to Monday.


Maybe early next week sometime? I’m free during the days or after 8pm MST during the week. weekends are open for me.


If you guys need any support from me don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m working on giveaways for the @Nekko_chan’s ESO raid coming up. Hopefully some free game timecards.


Thanks @Vocino!