I would like to introduce myself

Hello , my IGN is Kemptra i love to play minecraft and wow and LoL. i mostly like mc and WoW. I am very curious about this minecraft server.I hope to meet new people and make friends too.

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Welcome to the Dark side.

thanks! i secretly have night vision o.o

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Welcome aboard! You --should-- have been whitelisted, just be aware that things are going down tonight for some delayed maintenance in about an hour (usually it’s on Thursday, but this week is special ;)); how did you find us?

Welcome to Strats, @kemptra~ :smiley:

i found you guys through my facebook suggestions since i try to ‘like’ everything MC related.=D


thank you simplyundrea =D

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Welcome to the best little corner in the Internet!

thanks invaderdoom!

welcome aboard!

Welcome. :smiley:

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Welcome to Strats I hope to see you on the minecraft server.

Welcome. When you get on minecraft remember Flamin Nom, every nom.

Hi kemptra welcome to Strats!

Welcome aboard! We can’t wait to see you around.

Check the region post catalog, as you can get a feel of where folks are. (Also feel free to visit those posts to see what they are building!)

Wow thanks everyone for the warm welcomes! i didnt expect this :heart_eyes:

Welcome @kemptra!

Check out my post on a Strats league team and maybe we can play :smile:

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Welcome, its nice to have you.