Idea for Youtube channel


CrowdDev: Viewers vote on a short game they want developed, they vote on everything from mechanics to story. Then I post videos of the interesting parts of developing that short game with free downloads.

So, I started a project a while back and had been working on it off and on between school and work. With poor backup management on my part and a failed SSD, that project no longer exists… However, I’ve learned so much this past year and a half and thought I’d try something new while I’m still working on my degree.

I’m always finding myself making quick proof of concept projects just to see if I can do them. I usually get them working and then abandon them for lack of interest or motivation (dino-lasers, Mario-kart league, etc). I had an idea for a Youtube channel where I make a short game and the viewers vote on what kind of mechanics and such they want in it. Basically, it’s a game primarily thought up and voted on by others and then developed by me (if others want to contribute help, that might work too). The resulting games would be free for download with the possibility of it becoming a full fledged game in the future. I don’t even know a gamer out there that doesn’t have some kind of idea for a game they want to play or adjustments to a game they think could be better. I think this would be a fun past time for me while I’m still in school and would get more people interested in the design and development of games.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in participating in and/or watching? I haven’t worked out many of the details like what kind of voting system I’d use so I’d love to hear what you all think!


It’s definitely an intriguing concept, though how would the channel itself differ from that of one associated with an upcoming title?


I’d only spend about a month on each then move to a new one selected and voted on by viewers. The content would be more geared towards problem solving in development of mechanics and how to use free/cheap software to your advantage. Basically, I’d show a process that I go through when figuring out how to accomplish something with things like visual studio, blender, gimp, with an emphasis on UE4. Honestly, the broader goal is to give confidence to design/development enthusiasts that think the barrier to entry in creating games is too high or that their idea is too complicated to bring to life on their own. I remember watching those 7 day game making contests, those were so encouraging because these people would go from idea concept to working game in 7 days (granted, it was quite obvious it was a 7 day game…) Upcoming title channels are used for the express intent of gaining hype for a specific title that normally just showcase videos of progress made so far.

some links and stuff:
Looks like they aren’t doing this anymore :frowning: maybe it will come back at some point, I don’t have a dedicated 7 days, that’s for sure…

Part of the 7DFPS challenge I think (7 day FPS), all you do is flip gravity while running through some halls. I played this a few years ago, just a fun simple idea, I bet tons of people have ideas just like this that they want to play but never would :frowning:

Here’s another one I really loved that @auth showed me a few years back, wish they’d have kept going with it. Basically, it’s got a mechanic where you have to handle a gun realistically, for example: to reload, you have to hold up the weapon, pull the mag, insert the bullets, return the mag, load one into the chamber, turn off the safety and then you can shoot. Revolvers are a little more tricky and it’s all while trying to not get shot yourself by drones, very suspensful and honestly, not as complicated to make as someone with a similar idea might unfortunately believe.


(copy-pasta from Discord where I initially replied to @Philspaz’s idea; putting it here to continue the conversation):

I think it’s an interesting concept, I think there’s a fair few ways to do the voting system, and the fact that there’s a tangible product (of sorts) coming out of it is neat. Hell, there’s the potential for a road to monetization that could end up being a legitimate thing if people like what you’re doing and get on board with it.

I think finding a way to keep the videos both informative/instructional and entertaining will be the real challenge, but that will be determined by the patience of your prospective audience (I have no idea how much people will watch something like that). Also, it’s something you could look at pairing with the creative/programming portion of Twitch; it could be solid as fuck (maybe stream while you’re working on things, interact with chat, then post stream highlights on YouTube). This would allow you a further reach on multiple platforms and your YouTube content would be getting (partially) generated by your interaction and work on Twitch.

Also, I would like the record to show that when I beat Receiver, I did it with a revolver :wink:


I just don’t have the skill/patience to make it through that game, so fun but so stressful


Took one dedicated evening of learning and a bit of luck; worth every penny I paid :wink: