Ideas to recategorize the forum?


I was considering putting up a new forum for Civilization but I felt like I was just adding more and more games. I can’t possibly add them all and it’s difficult to decide which games deserve their own category and which can just live in general.

Then I thought, maybe it would make more sense to break up the forum by genres of games rather than titles themselves. e.g. MOBA, FPS, MMO, RPG. The issue with that is that you can’t select multiple categories but often games fall into more than one.

So I’m wondering if anyone has any other ideas that might work. Any insight is helpful.


I would list the games that we play the most and then make a “gaming” tab for all other purposes.


What if we built a gaming category and added the games as subs? Then users could follow subs that they were interested in and mute others if they wanted to.


“General” is “general gaming”… We are a gaming community.


Here is a link to a thread about a tagging plugin for discourse. If it worked we might be able to use your idea about genres and just tag the games…


I’ve seen that tagging plugin, it looks poorly implemented. It would require significant work in making it not look like shit. (although it appears to function)


I just did a little research on that plugin. You are right it has many problems… I don’t believe that the tags are queried in the discourse search. I think it fails on that point alone.


Hmm yeah I’m not sure we’ll arrive at something 100% what we want. We’ll just wait for the new shit.



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