If anyone's wondered where ive been


Long story short, lost the front rotor in my rx8 so it’s been down and I’ve been busy building this fine peice of heaven. Gunna take a bit more work to get her into the 8 and a ton of custom fab work done by yours truly :joy: It’s gunna be nasty.


Is that a Skyline motor?


Yes sir


Godzilla. Nice.


Just started playing Destiny so wondered where you were specialist


Yeah it’s an odd swap, one of maybe 3 in the us that I know of. And atm at training biff.


Where are you training at? Im going to NTC next summer. Totally not excited about that.


That is gonna be so sick! Is that an RB25? I have always wanted a an R34, they are such beautiful cars.


Really what dates biff? And yeah it’s a 25. Bout to have a big ass turbo on it when I can get it rebuilt


RX8s are notorious for rotary issues. :frowning: Hope you’ve gotten everything solved!

The man wants to know: Is this an RB26 or RB25?




Whoops! Sorry. I didn’t read comments. lollll


Lol, yeah gunna be quite the little monster when I’m done. Waiting on parts in killing me right now


So I got to looking today and the gold I hated, so it had to go. Much happier with how it turned out


I agree with this design choice :wink:


This is what I got finished today need to run some vacuum lines and upgrade the turbo/ fab up my manifold and get wiring sorted out then it’ll be ready to drop in


So I bought a thing


That’s just beautiful… Pretty much my dream car.


I was expecting you to have purchased one of these beauties:



I love things. So cute. So precious.