If I didn't feel bad enough about Crota HM



So ya after attempting on 4 different occasions to get down Crota with a full group of people I came across this.

Video 2 manning Crota

The strategy is pretty awesome. I think we could apply this to a 6 man group. They wait until Crota is on the sides while they hide in the rooms under the boomers. When you get the sword everyone runs up while a Titan bubbles at the top of the stairs.

Well worth the watch. They did other vids as well 2 manning each part


Damn, that’s pretty impressive.


That’s nuts. We are still having problems clearing Crota on normal with six dudes, lol.


I’m with you spredhead, I’ve spent too much time trying to get him down. This method is differnt and worth a shot though. I’m also considering putting together a fireteam and every time we wipe everyone takes a shot…


Ive already finished the raid a few times but if you guys want to try this out i can help on my hunter/titan.


I would love to try tomorrow night.


We made it to the Crota checkpoint tonight, and are working on clearing the raid, hopefully by tomorrow night. We tried to stay on the middle shelf by the crystal room, with the sword bearer on the ledge by the right boomers. After wiping many times, we are learning that we don’t have good angles for killing the sword bearer and aren’t getting him down quickly enough. I think our best run was Crota a 1/4 strength.