If I'm cheap and not a patron, what do I get out of this?

I’m curious to know what exactly is there for one to do in this game if I stay strictly on the free side and don’t buy Patron status.

I can’t own land, correct? But is that really a big deal? Is land really necessary if you don’t want to craft? Can I shack up with someone else? Will I be stuck begging on the streets?

Once I reach max level am I prevented from participating in certain things, similar to how SWTOR works?

What’s the catch?

You don’t need land we will help you out. You can be in my family and stay with me. We are going pirate and we well sell things for you in the ah. As pirate you don’t need land so we got that going for our f2p members. You can’t put land down, your labor cap is at 2500 and it doesn’t generate offline. Bigger queues, no land. The big problem its the labor. So patron is worth it.

I guess I’m trying to discern if there will come a point where I will either have to start paying or accept that I have hit a wall. I would hate to make it to 50 only to discover that the game is suddenly over for me.

I might be interested in picking up this game on the side if I can actually achieve something without having to subscribe. I would have no problem farming materials or items to give to others to sell or craft. Tomb Warden did seem like an interesting class (at least in name).

Now if they will just add that “invert mouse” option…

My advice would be to get patron once. Put a farm down and generate 60g which will enable you to get apex from the ah. 2 apex = 2400 credits = 1 month sub. Once you make enough enough per month you are set. 60 g are easy to come by in a week.

Finally created a character this morning. Look me up sometime. I’m the guy who looks amazingly like Ryan Gosling.

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