If you could get everyone to play one MMORPG today, what would it be?


Yes, the eternal question. Asked by weak men and women across the galaxy. Let’s say you were able to convince 20 people to join an MMORPG and do some old school gamering of the massively multiplayer variety.

What game would it be?

Yes, I’m asking for my own self-interests.

Back to SWTOR Stratties! It's HAPPENING!

Destiny 2. Nothing on the market right now has a shot at holding my interest for very long, and getting to play 5 months early would be fucking top :wink:


Crazy but this is probably a great answer.





Fuck, how many more games have I somehow not heard of that are dropping this year?!


Im with @Auth Destiny 2 will hopefully be what Destiny was supposed to be.


I think Destiny became what it was supposed to be (as did Wildstar, and The Division, and ESO, and fucking everything lately, it seems); I just want that to happen at launch for something.


All of them.

I am being cautious with this one. The looter aspect has been geeked, but after the burn of The Division I’m going into this with extreme caution. I’ve never played monster hunter, so I cannot speak to gameplay, but everything I’ve seen so far has me excited.



I’ve reached the point where I don’t believe an indie studio has the ability to execute an MMORPG’s scale. Sad but seems true.


I dunno, When you think about the resources needed (time, experience, money, people) it makes perfect sense. The badge “MMO” carries a heavy standard set by the forefathers EverQuest and WoW; pulling something off that will measure up is a Herculean task.


Are you agreeing with me? You started your comment with “I dunno” but then you went on to agree with me.


… Albion Online… that is all.


Is anyone still playing through 18 universe wipes and perpetual alpha?


Some people, but I’m talking about when it releases in August of this year. finally


I do hope they haven’t burned everyone out before the game managed to launch.


That’s the reason I stopped playing… I’m not gonna burn myself out. I don’t plan on touching it again until launch. They’re leaving the beta until like a month before which is meh


Yes, I’m doing too many things at once and got confused :wink:

Looking back, it was probably the “Sad but seems true” is probably the bit that got me thrown off. I think I read something odd into the “seems.”


I was initially hyped when I backed these guys, but I have learned not to put too much hope into indie games that successfully kickstarted. https://chroniclesofelyria.com/

So, to answer your question, I think Warcraft… maybe… I don’t know. Maybe Warcraft vanilla?


The problem with indie MMORPGs is less about the technical design of the game and more about the marketing. It takes a lot of money these days to meet the “massively” expectation of a massively multiplayer game.

Generally when new game studios start, this is where they cut costs—instead relying on word of mouth to drive sales. While that can work to the extent of covering costs (assuming the game is actually good) it usually falls short of meeting the market expectation of an MMO. This in turn shortens the lifespan of the game.


I want to amend my answer to Destiny 2 or Star Citizen 1.0

Neither are out; the great sadness.