If you wanted to see Destiny's story in a more condensed form

My friend Lewes17 showed me an article on Polygon of a guy showing the whole plot of the main story quests in the game. Hopefully he will have more videos on condensing the grimoire info and the side missions. Like he says, its nothing new, but it does show the whole story in one video.

Link to video (14 min)

Link to Polygon article

Why must you make me click to watch said video… Argh.

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thanks for sharing, that was actually a good recap of what’s going on. It’s strange to have such a MMO “all I do is kill things and pick up loot” attitude in a console fps, so recapping the story definitely helps.

Oops! Maybe I should have linked the video… Sorry!

oh, for some reason when I tried to link the video directly in the post, it wasn’t working, but now it worked…