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Clever and not without valid points, but like several reviews out there it’s clear he didn’t put a lot of time into the game or bother to get fully-informed, despite what he’d have his viewerbase believe. It’s actually kinda disheartening that this trend is developing; it’s going to end up hurting games in the long run. Here’s an interesting article that counterpoints a lot of the flak Destiny is being given in reviews.

Hilarious delivery! kind of reminds me of Angry Joe and his delivery style.

This guy is funny too, in a more dry way though.

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This is what gaming “journalism” has turned into. What are essentially joke videos and view whoring hyperbole that pander to an audience that just wants its opinions parroted back to them.

That is to say, it’s not journalism but people these days often seem to confuse a joke video for an informational piece meant to shed light on a game like a proper review.


I’d like to see a review comparing Destiny to Warframe and how much was copied from it. Honestly (and this is as someone who hasn’t played Destiny), it seems like a lot of the mechanics were copied over and a lot of the gameplay elements as well.

There is a heavy warframe influence in character and environments, absolutely!! There’s also Starwars, Bladerunner, Borderlands, Quake, Dune, Stargate, and probably tons more influences and references to other games, books, films I’m just not picking up on.

It’s one of the appeals of destiny for me, like a sci-fi goulash.

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It’s the Fox News of Games Journalism. Doesn’t matter if it’s accurate. Doesn’t matter if it was researched. They know what their viewers want and they’re gonna give it to them for the views so they can get “YouTube famous”, whatever the fuck that is. I think a bigger problem though, at least when it comes to the bigger review places, is that they’re rushed to get a review out. I mean, IGN’s review still isn’t out because they’re making sure they get through all the content and readers are losing their god damned minds over it. If we want games to keep getting bigger and more elaborate we’re going to have to accept that it’s going to take longer for a quality review to come out. On the up side, I don’t think these reviews are going to hurt destiny as much as they’re going to hurt the reviewers. We’ve seen first hand that people who see what destiny is and what it has the potential to be, love the game and going to spread the word to their friends. As everyone knows, word of mouth from a friend is worth way more than any ad or review. What’s going to end up happening is people who actually took the time to get into the game are going to recognize how full of shit these reviews are and are going to potentially stop being viewers. This guy clearly hasn’t gotten through as much content as he says he has.

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You know, I don’t understand why Destiny has brought up the topic of copying elements from other games, and in a negative way. It’s all over the internet, talk about how the game lacks originality, or has taken a feature from this or that. I would argue that every single FPS made after Wolfenstein is not original, or every RTS made after Warcraft is a rip off (not sure how far back RTS’s go). Whether it’s a game, or a company (doesn’t matter what the company or game is about), if they do something that works, or is really cool, anyone who doesn’t take that idea and/or build upon it isn’t very good at what they do. Or, as far as games go, the dev’s see mechanics/features in games that they have played in the past, and they decide that it sucks and that it would never be in any of their projects. Personally, if I were to make a game, I would want it to have the best features of every great game that I have ever played (that apply of course), with as much “original” content that my limited imagination could muster, assuming that stuff would be fun for people to experience. For example, I first experienced “world events” in Guild Wars 2. THAT was a really cool idea, and it was widely accepted as such. It’s a great mechanic, people enjoyed it, and SHOULD be in more games. And guess what? The devs put it inside Destiny (sounds sexual). Now, these world events need a lot of work as they are not really fun or challenging (unless you are alone in the mission, which defeats the purpose), but the feature is there. So this feature, this idea, that most people raved about in previous titles, was a no-brainer to put in, and yet a lot of people complain about it. Their complaint: “Oh this is so unoriginal, GW2 did this”. I have a ton more to say about the matter, but there is no need, and I challenge anyone to find a triple-A game that is 100%, or 50%, 25%, even 10% original. Either a game is fun, or it isn’t, that is all that matters.


Gotta love that click bait, the video is so off I thought it was supposed to be a joke.

I’m starting to feel like a sheltered bubble boy, didn’t realize this was a thing, been too busy having fun in game to research reviews. I did goto metacritic and read the worst ones, but yeah, they just seemed like click bait. I guess every has got to get that hard cold cash money.

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I read reviews and forums at work. Love feeling like I’m getting paid for it. This applies to every game though. It’s the whole “oh it’s just a WoW clone”. Because we all know, Blizzard created MMOs. Someone called Archeage a WoW clone the other day. I was like, “mother fucker, do you even know what ArchAge IS?”

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“It’s Moops.”
“No, it’s Moors”

Hah, I actually did not look at the video, I meant to reply to DracoIsmenium’s comment. Clicked the wrong green reply button.

What burns me the most is how much of a big fat baby people have become when it comes to new things. It seems like with every game that comes out now, the bad apples have to find every flaw in something and just scream it out over and over in every corner of the internet. It’s like people just want things to fail so they can say “I told you so”. I am going to gaming sites less and less because of how toxic people have made them, its no longer fun. I miss 2005 internet when we just looked forward to things and didn’t look to sink the ship.


To be fair it’s an extremely complex topic and it’s no one person’s fault. Back in the day we all used to get so hyped reading Nintendo power, whatever magazine you read. “This game is gonna be the greatest game EVER!!!111111one” the articles would exclaim. Then we get home and it’s “meh”. So we all developed this cynicism. If we start out hating EVERYTHING the only place to go is up and we’ll never be disappointed. That’s the overall idea anyways.

The next problem is we still love getting psyched about upcoming games that we’re looking forward to though. So we start this massive Hype Train and start theory crafting what we hope will be in the game that gains traction and turns from what we hope will be in the game, to this will probably be in the game, to this WILL be in the game. But the devs never claimed any of that. So when the game comes out it has 0 chance of ever living up to our own hype and so we see it as a failure.

It’s a vicious circle and the only way to break it is to stop feeding the hype machine and just go back to loving games.

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I’m sorry but I actually laughed at this… Some valid points he brings up but I dont care…It’s still a fun game to play! His commentary is just so funny

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Literally mentioned this to someone yesterday. We had Nintendo Power, and we had Blockbuster (I had a Movie King because small town). You either read about it in Nintendo Power or you went off the pictures of the back of the box. I got COUNTLESS crappy Nintendo game (what the actual fuck was i thinking getting Muppets for the NES), hell some of them didn’t even work no matter how hard you blew on it (To quote @Ataraxx13: “sounds sexual”) but guess what? You just dealt with it. Too many entitled kids have let’s plays, twitch streams and gaming site reviews to tell them what or what not to buy.

And stop pre-ordering games. The pre-order loot concept is the most brilliant system the industry has introduced. Games are sold well before the release date and reviews are embargoed until that release date. At this point the public is conditioned with the mentality that they have to order the game before the first review or risk missing out on the complete experience that the game has to offer.


There’s nothing wrong with being accurate and funny. The problem comes in with all these bullshit reviews like the tripe you see in steam user reviews. “You get to kills da naked mans wif a rock 100/10” isn’t a valid review

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I’ll admit. I pre-ordered CoD advanced warfare for the shader… Then canceled it once I put the code in -dr evil laugh-

This is so true, and it used to work on me when they first started doing it, I’ll admit it. But then I thought… do I REALLY need that bonus weapon skin to play the game? Those online passes were murder, 15 dollars to play online on top of buying the game used? Bullshit. So glad they went away… but with companies like Gamestop paying for developers to make a special edition that has exclusive content only to them… that is flat out unfair.

The whole pre-order business is terrible. I think people pre-ordered NHL15 ONE YEAR IN ADVANCE (which is retarded to do), and now it’s out and missing a lot of the content EA advertised as being in the game.