I'm addicted to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes


This little mobile game is a time sink and probably a money sink as well if you wanted it to be. Still, I’m addicted to it right now. Anyone else played it?

It’s actually pretty in-depth for a mobile card trading type game. It has the usual freemium model of needing resources like gems and energy to refill and giving you the option to buy more. There is some good strategic elements in it though. All the cards have certain synergies and building your team becomes really interesting. Each character has a range of abilities that you can manually fire off in turn-based combat. This becomes very strategic as you move up the levels.

For example, you would “cast” a +Crit and then follow it with an ability that requires a Crit to land a debuff that is then used for another character’s ability, etc.

Anyway, if you’re interested in playing, send my an Ally request. My Ally Code is 728-969-612.


Never was much of a star wars fan. But i love card games. When Elder Scrolls Legends comes out, i’ll be playing that one for a time to come.


Woul love to try it but can’t install it on my phone guess my Android Version is to old. :cry:


So, I just joined this community and your post is the first one I was compeled to answer to. I love this game so mucho, I’ve never put so many hours into a mobile game and I’m still so far from the top 200 players (keep getting bumped below 250 everyday). I’m sending you an ally request! :slight_smile:


Awesome, I’m addicted as well. I’m not sure what it is about this little game.

Also, welcome!