Im back! Also I want to set up a PST VoG run (PS4)

Hey guys, well my hands aren’t fully healed but I’m beginning to think they never will :frowning: . Good news is they are feeling better and to be honest I just can’t hold off with all the great games coming out. I’m back playing destiny also and I want to get a VoG run going since I haven’t even stepped foot in there yet. I’m 27 almost 28 and I’ve a few good weapons ready to go. I know Vampiresarego is interested also.

I’m Thinking of starting 7 or 8 on Monday. I know it’s not the best day since there’s the reset on Tuesday but just for an initial test run it might be fun. If it’s at all possible to do it without cheesing it I would like that but if some of you veterans think that’s a bad idea then let me know.

as far as other games go I’ll be playing Farcry 4 for now and hopefully I’ll get GTA soonish so I can join up some other peeps there.

I’ll start a list of people interested:

1: TheL0ken
2: Vampiresarego
3: Dynamible


Glad to hear your back! I should be able to help you out Monday. Should be thirty by then :wink:


We’re are looking forward to it, Brother!

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Is that EST?
I could jump with you guys on my Titan if it is after 830 EST

Bout time in working on my 3rd :stuck_out_tongue: and I wish I could brother but I work Monday night


I could jump in if it was 7 PST / 10 EST

We can probably do that. Or would 7:30PST/10:30EST be too late?

I’m in if you need a body. I’ll be home from my lab by then for sure! And I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ll be 27 by then! :smiley:

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I’m game for it. Just got to 28 this morning. Is this PS3/4 xbox360 or xbone?

Also, I was thinking that Monday might be the perfect time to do the raid, since the reset will happen on Tuesday. People can run the raid back to back nights and set themselves up for a level up party all week long!

Looks like you have 6, but if you need a sherpa for any reason I can probably help. Level 30 Titan. I have GK checkpoint for anyone looking to finish up a hard mode run, as well.

You can take my place if you would like it. I should be doing school work anyway…

I now have to work until 8pm on Monday nights. Won’t be back until 845 EST. I can be around after that .

It’s PS4. sorry I should have made that clear

I updated your title to avert any future confusion :wink:

Sorry, guys it turn out that Vampires can’t get on until 10PST so anyone still want to do it at 10PST/1amEST