I'm back, from the dead. Also read Japan


Hey guys, if you don’t know me, well then you stink. Jk but I’m Drizzt AKA Joey and I joined Strats a long while back when Destiny first came out, and was one of the leads for us getting into Albion Online. I’ve been gone for a little over a year now because of being stationed in Japan.

I’m now out of the military, in my own place and looking forward to connecting with everybody again. I’ve seriously missed everyone in this community and it’s nice being back.

(Also no promises that I won’t use the returning from the dead joke at least 3 more times)


Eagerly checks to see who the new guy is, only to see it’s just that fucking filthy casual returning.


Welcome (back) to the party, I guess :wink:


I expected a worse welcome from you, you’re slipping.


I’m just going to claim it’s been a long 2 weeks and blindly hide behind that excuse. How’s post-service life been treating you so far?


It’s been great, like I said in my own place, got a job as a store manager, and just relaxing. Looking at a puppy next month hopefully. Can’t grow the beard, grows in too patchy, so going for a goatee right meow.


Awesomesauce; let me know when the streams are gonna start back up so I can get on the hate train :wink:


I actually just finished getting platinum in Nioh, looking to be doing the Dark Souls 3 DLC after work starting tomorrow. so like 9 pm


Your microphone come in yet scrub?


No… but I bought a 20 dollar headset so I have that haha.


Welcome back. While you were gone I became the bartender. All the :beers: are mine. Want one?


Yesssss I like this promotion!!! Pass one over here.


Welcome back to these great united states!


Thanks brother!! It’s good to be back. Can I say the same to you? Or are you still abroad yourself?


I’m back as well!


Welcome back Drizz…glad to see you bro :slight_smile:


Great to hear man, hope the lady and the little one are doing well!


Thanks Droul, glad to see you too! Looking forward to some gaming soon :slight_smile:


I was wondering when we’d hear from you! Glad you’re back man.


welcome back bro! good to see you again!


You hear me meow… Good! Haha It’s good to be back man… I just can’t wait for the rest of my stuff to get here from Japan and I can finish my set up.

@dontcallmejames thanks man, great to see you too!! Been too long man, too long. Hope you’ve been well.