I'm downloading the Monster Hunter 4 Demo

Will I like it? I don’t know. I heard it was the most accessible one of the series for newcomers like me. I’m not sure if I’ll like it, but there’s only one way to find out!


What system is this for?

Oh baby. Pitt are you in for a trip. To start it off, Monster Hunter is one of my favorite series. The demo is a good presentation of the game and what it offers. It fully gears you with every weapon set and lets you battle a few monsters.

I will say that I use the circle pad pro. It isn’t needed but it helps camera control A LOT. If you don’t have that or the new 3DS you will have to use the touch screen to control your camera which can be a paid in the middle of a fight. I imported mine from Japan a few years ago before they released it to the US.

I agree that this is very easy for newcomers. They have a nice little story mode that eases you into the big leagues (online). It is a hard series to get into though it took me three games until I really really enjoyed in. I sunk easily 100+ hours into the third.

If you like to become one with nature, you are going to love it. You get all your upgrades by killing monsters, essentially crafting armor and weapons from what you carve off them (to get a set it requires you to kill the same monster a lot). All your supplies to gather from nodes and combine them into things you need, like potions, antidote, paintballs, or ammunition. he game overs a TON of a different monsters to battle, all with different element types and battle styles. Some monsters even drop things for attacking certain parts of their body (such as breaking their horn, cutting off their tail, etc). It’s all about matching element types, and sometimes weapons, which there are A L O T . Each weapon plays differently for the most part, some of which are slow by hard hitting the hammer (my favorite), or fast and weak like dual daggers.

If you have any questions please ask, I’m not expect but I’ve got a lot of time in these types of games. And to answer your question @DrizztDo_Urden69 it’s on the 3DS


Hmm… i have one, but havent used it in a year lol

it’s the only reason why i keep mine around

Wait you can dl it? on the 3DS?

yes from the store you can try the demo

Huh… I’m gonna have to charge my 3DS lol

…is this supposed to convince me to get it??

I did the first battle was was all yay…is that it? I guess so… very interesting series, and since millions of people around the world adore it, there must be something i’m missing, right?

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Lol! I’m just trying to give what i call the “truth of the day”. Regardless it’s a LOT of fun. And don’t let the demo fool you :wink: you have to work hard for the gear. That was a very easy monster, I assume it was a Jaggi, or a little lizard. When you take down one the size of a 7-11 then you’ll feel like you are a BIG boy.

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Dammit now I’m obligated to buy Monster Hunter 4.

Edit: @PittInjury You get cats. Is that convincing?

…i’m allergic to cats…


…But they’re cute to look at… right?
Just think- now you can be allergic to cats within the safe confines of your home, all the while experiencing the love and pain of not being allergic to cats! Don’t those adorable pixels just warm your stiffened heart?
Those eyes are convincing you to join their hellcat army and you know it


If anyone wants to play Monster Hunter with me, my code is 2681-2167-8644 I’m only about 10-12 hours in though!