I'm finally back!


So after a grueling 2 weeks with basically no Internet, and last week with literally no Internet(and hardly service on my phone), I’m back!

I’ve returned from my job training, and lemme tell you, I’ve learned more about furniture than I ever thought I would. Schedule is still a little rocky since I haven’t got my new job schedule yet, and being that I’m pretty much my own boss I have a lot of work to do marketing wise, but this job definitely comes with its perks, including potentially earning anywhere from 50k-130k depending on how hard I work.

I’ve missed all you guys, so I have a lot to catch up on, sorry @tommy2118 for my absence, not much I could do with the dial up Internet I had :stuck_out_tongue: And as @Nubhugs saw, my Internet during week one was absolute garbage, and week 2 it was even worse! I seriously didn’t know you could get worse than .49mb/s in this day and age haha


Welcome back brother! I’m on the market for a new couch and I know you got the training now.


Welcome back man, good to see that the abysmal internet didnt make you strangle yourself!! lol you still playing h1z1? ill have to hit up your stream if you plan on playing anytime soon…was fun watching you guys that night i dropped in.


Well I can point you in right direction for sure!

And @Droul I will probably hop in some h1z1 to see what’s changed, I’ve missed a couple big patches it seems


Welcome back!


Welcome back, @ThatDoomThough! :smile:


I bet life is hard coming back to good internet. Technology welcomes you back with open arms.


Welcome back to the 21st century :wink:


Welcome back brother! It is good to have you back in civilization with us.


It was definitely a hard last week. But I’m back and soon here within the next day or two I’m gonna be back to streaming once I get a couple more things in order.

When did getting a new job become so stressful?! :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome back!


Good to have you back, sir.


Oh and Doom! (@ThatDoomThough)

Before I forget. ‘I’m frienly … friendly!’ [/insider] Bwahaha.

PS: Congrats on 250+ followers! Our streams are growing up … :smile: -emotional sniff-