I'm heading out



Sorry I haven’t been around lately, I’m gonna be stepping down and taking a break from the community for a little while for personal reasons. I hope everything continues to go well for you guys. If someone asks where I went you can say that I had to take time off but I’d rather it just be among us if possible. Thanks for the fun guys.


Hopefully not because of some in-game or in-community drama. If so, feel free to PM me. Either way though, don’t be a stranger! We will miss you. At least stop by the forum from time to time.


This is going to be hard to hear, @Vocino, but @DracoIsmenium fears your AI-like response time and demeanor.

Seriously though, sorry whatever happened happened. Well be here when you get back :wink:




Damn Draco! This is emperor all over again…


Request for time off denied.


Wow buddy only I get time off you guys need to be slaving all day…miss you guys…


Come back to us @Majordomo, you’re our only hope!


Soon…I think by next week I ll be set