I'm in Japan, Konichiwa


Hey guys so it’s been a while, I’m getting settled here in Gotemba, Japan, really close to Mt. Fuji, I’m based at Camp Fuji. I’m still working on getting WiFi in my room so until then no streaming/forums really, and my computer should be here in the next 2 weeks or so. I’ve already gotten to go out a little bit, but not too much exploring and of course the first thing I did was buy Dark Souls 3… and a 3DS. I’ll try and get some pictures of the mountain to post as its really cool to see every day.

Just wanted to say I miss you all and I hope I’ll be back as a regular soon :slight_smile:


Some days you can see it clearly and some days you can’t.


Good to hear from you man. Awesome view! Hope you get some time to explore :smile:


You had to buy a 3ds there? I thought they were issued to everyone by the government. :shrug:


Freaking awesome man!! I’m jelly!


Yeah when I do the new join brief on the 12th then I’ll get to start leaving base, with a buddy. After 3 months I can go off on my own!

@Sennish unfortunately I lost the first one, so bought this one and Pokémon Y, I wanna get Monster Hunter 4 as well though.


There is a new monster hunter coming na/EU consoles this year. Did you have to buy a Japanese region locked 3ds?


Japan… Ramen, sushi, all that damn good food!!!


No I didn’t


Dude it’s gorgeous there! I’m glad your getting settled!


For the last few days it’s been really foggy, but yeah man on nice days it’s great, and I can’t leave base yet but am allowed to take a bus to a couple of other bases kinda close by, and the scenery on the drives is really awesome.


Am I thinking of China as the one with all the smog?


Yeah, Japan has super-strict rules on motor vehicles (among other things) to keep pollution down. For as densely-populated as it is, it’s amazingly clean (most of the time; Roppongi is, well, Roppongi).

Where @DrizztDo_Urden69 is at (jealous, btw) is great; any obstruction of the view is just fog/clouds :wink:


Haha it is pretty awesome. but yeah any of the fog and all that that obstructs view is just cuz of the mountain being right there. I get my red card on the 12th and then I’ll be exploring, once I get my gold card I’ll be exploring Roppongi lol. Already went through a course for a Combat Life Saver cert. This place is really small and relaxed and is such a nice change from where I was before it’s almost a culture shock how different it is lol.


I spent some time there training when I was in. Really gorgeous area. Trying to not get lost in a forest where trees were planted in a grid pattern was fun.

Have fun in Tokyo when they let you go.


Totally jelly of people getting paid to go to Japan.

Would love to go, keep the pics rolling!


View from my room