I'm in Mumble this morning


I’m in Mumble this morning if anyone had any questions about Strats stuff or just wanted to chat.


Thanks to @AlexFalkor for Stopping by Mumble and chatting with me this morning. I’m going to try and make this a more regular thing. Talk to you all soon.




I’m hanging out in Mumble this morning. Drop in and say hello. I’m available to answer question about Strats, Command, etc.


Maybe I will join you soon. We can discuss my recent trip to Campbellsville, KY. And the dinosaur tourist trap. And the Corvette museum where I ate terrible food.


I’m under order of the Governor not to discuss the details of the food at the Corvette museum. :smile:


Didn’t a sinkhole open up under that museum?


Yes I believe the wife and I discussed that sinkhole. It must have swallowed the good food as well.


Someone spilled a bowl of chili…


I love Texas Roadhouse but don’t ever eat at the one in Lexington KY. Disgusting.


Texas Roadhouse… The bread there is delicious, but it’s very unhealthy including the cinnamon butter (I think it’s cinnamon). Can’t stop eating it xD. I rarely travel nowadays :/, but my last out-of-state travel was in Washington for Pax Prime.


My wife and I always go to Texas Roadhouse on date night. We stopped in to the Kentucky one on our drive from Minnesota to Disney world and it was gross.


Was the floor filled with more peanuts than any other Texas Roadhouse restaurants out there?


outback > roadhouse


Outback = For Pasta
Roadhouse = For Bread



Outback blows


lol ive never had a bad steak at my local outback. i love it. thats all i will eat there though, steak. I dont eat pasta or bread :pensive:


You should eat the pasta there :slight_smile:


FTFY :wink: