I'm looking for advice on website-building


My buddy @Lewes17 and I are looking into doing some blogging for our podcast. I’m wondering if there is a cheap/free way to do this in a more professional manner other than using Tumblr, Blogger, etc. We also want to look into some sort of hosting site, so that we can have an RSS and put it up on iTunes. Do you guys have any suggestions?

(I have more questions, i think, but this is a good starting point.)


It depends on how technical you want to get. The best free/very cheap options are Jekyll and Middleman. Both require you to know how to write a bit of code—although very light. The plus side is you can do whatever you want to do within the constraints of it being a static site. This includes creating the XML needed to distribute your podcast.

You can host reliable static sites on Github for free or uber reliable and uber fast CDN-powered static sites on Amazon S3.