I'm taking a straw poll......Marital Kombat?!? Should I talk my wife into doing this?



During one of my morning brainstorming sessions (in between snoozes), I came up with another idea for some regular streaming programming. I have already introduced the idea to my wife and she was more receptive than I thought she would be. So this actually may be a possibility.

So here it is:

I’m picturing it would just be me and my wife kicking the shit out of each other in Mortal Kombat every Thursday night for an hour or 2 on my Xbox One (or maybe even PC, not sure yet). The details of a schedule will have to be worked out, but I wanted to get a feel and maybe some feedback from you all. I’m very open to comments, suggestions, tweaks, etc.

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I’m picturing you and your wife kicking the shit out of each other --in Mortal Kombat-- every Thursday night for an hour or 2.


Need to put some real stakes into it… winner gets to stream the loser doing dishes.

You might have to lose the first time around.


I’d love to watch! I’m here for this. :blush:


I think that would be a fun content section.

My brother and his wife would play fighting games for years to “settle” marital disputes through Tekken. It was always funny because of how competitive his wife got over it, but they had a blast doing it.


As long you two will make fatalities on each other I will definitely watch :blush:


Some of my better streams are done with my significant other, so I definitely concur with this. Even if it’s not this game, I think having your SO join in on your activity can be a lot of fun, and rewarding for all.


she’s pretty anti-gamer…she kinda thinks i’m obsessed sometimes. but she has played mortal kombat and other fighting games in the past before we knew each other. and she’s expressed interest in it recently. she also knows i’m not really good at fighting games either, so she won’t feel like she’s at a disadvantage.

i have told her about this concept for a streaming show…she kinda thinks it’s silly but she sounded interested. i just have to pick the right time to start it up.

but i’m thinking if we could make this a regular thing, not only would it be entertaining…but possibly therapeutic in a way…


Haha, check out my YouTube channel and show her a couple of my couple streams. My girlfriend isn’t really a gamer either, but you’d be surprised at what she takes interest in when you spin it the right way.

I showed her H1Z1 and told her the Battle Royale mode was like The Hunger Games? H1Z1 is one of her favorite games right now.


i will definitely check it out with her!


It IS therapeutic + a lot of fun. Maybe if she tests the waters first to see if she likes it + can get used to playing and talking at the same time while on camera she might be pleasantly surprised!

And if she is on board, please keep us updated on when the stream is @dontcallmejames, because I wanna stop by + support!

My boyfriend is a gamer so it’s always fun when I’m sitting playing my game + he sits to play his. Or we’ll run through the same game + swap strategy. We haven’t streamed any gameplay but I always have a good time. :smile: