I'm taking the plunge!

I just came home and ESO is downloaded and ready :smile: I’ll take it for a test run once I get something to eat. Anyone here who is already playing it? I wouldn’t mind some tips on what to watch for when I first log in and create my character. I’ll be playing the Aldmeri Dominion side.


At a realatively low level, you can get a mission to fight Doshia. It starts off as a person, then morphes into a snake person. They get orbs that go towards them to heal them. You need to destroy the orbs before they reach them, or it will fully heal them. You get healing by destroying the orbs.

This is a great tip! I remember I was very frustrated at that part and I was a bit under leveled. Hard to believe it was just last Mar/Apr time frame.

That fight took forever with my first character dying many times. I read about what to do, and with my 2nd character, it was over quickly.
Another thing to look out for is when enemies wind up attacks and light up. It means a heavy attack is coming. Hold down the right mouse button to block and when they swing, it stuns THEM for several seconds, letting you pound on them safely.

@Rotaugen brings up a good point, blocking. Elder Scrolls Online really puts an emphasis on blocking. Learn it early and use it often. Even with a vary experienced healer in your group you will not survive if you are not blocking.

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So much what Tommy said. The healer can’t save a party in this game if people aren’t blocking. That includes the deepz and the healer himself.

Blocking is not just for the tank.

If you are solo or in a group and take on a group of monsters or NPCs, target any healers you see first. This is huge. If you don’t, a fight you could have won will be lost, as the healers will fix anyone you have been trading blows with and you will be hurt, facing a fresh enemy.

Thanks guys. I just started playing and I’m loving it! The world is immersive and the quests are interesting. I haven’t reached the quest with doshia yet. Thanks for the tip @Rotaugen I’ll keep it in mind. I’m getting a hang of blocking and interrupting though the timing isn’t easy always.

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I would suggest wearing at least one type of each piece of armor while you level so that you can level all three armor skills. Not a bad idea for different weapon types either. Also, if you bought the imperial edition, you can get multiple horses for 1gp each on the same charecter. Buy two; feed one apples for speed in pvp, and feed the other oats for bag capacity in pve.

Good point, I tend to wear all three types of armor, and have all three close to the same level as my alt right now. I pick a couple skills and an ultimate to use, and fill the skill bars with things I am not using but want to level. You can put a bow skill on the bar even if you don’t have a bow equipped. It will level the skill and Bow both. I have a blend of bow, restroration staff and destruction staff. When you hit level 15 and can have two skill bars to swap between, it makes it even easier to level a lot of skills.

Only take a character up to level 50. With the champion system coming , there is no point to going higher. I did some grinding in an area where enemies respawned quickly, and a couple other people were there too. Went from level 34 to 40 in a short time. Will start a new character soon.

Aren’t they going to transfer the points (or whatever) over?

EVERYONE with at least one character at level 50 gets 30 champion points for each of their characters, even if the others aren’t level 50. That is the max. Those of us with Vet 14 characters that were told to keep grinding them by ZoS are not too happy about that. Now my goal is to have one of each class at level 50. Even though you get 30 champion points for a character that is below 50, you don’t earn more until the character being used is level 50.