I'm terrible in the Crucible

My 0.37 k/d explains it very well. Can’t even get assists because my teammates don’t want to be around me.

There’s a reason I walked around with a riot shield back in Modern Warfare 2.


It’s all about using the radar.

Disclaimer: I suck too.

And the shotgun… a lot

Yes, the radar works very well at leading me to my death.


No worries, I’m not great, either. I found using the radar a lot more to know where the enemy is certainly helps, as does playing less aggressively. In other words, less random running around and more preparing for a gun fight, trying to get the jump on people.

I’m not a huge fan of the PVP in this game; it feels unbalanced and too unpredictable to me. It is a lot of one-hit kills and less actual gun fights. It is also better if you can keep your distance. I’m not sure if it’s a special, but the Hunter melee attack is brutal. I’m planning to level up my Defender subclass and see how differently it plays.

I’m in the same boat, middle age and twitchy PvP is a rough combo for me.

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Last two matches I rocked a 0.9 k/d. Movin’ up the boards with that hand cannon.

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At first I had it pretty rough in the crucible but i’m getting better. I used to run an’ gun alot but now I play a bit slower, try to hold down choke points and whatnot.

Except when I get heavy ammo…then I go full on viking-berzerk! MOAR DAKKA!


@Nubhugs I can not get used to the shotgun in this game, does it get better when You upgrade it? It is easy for me to reach 2 k/d but people with shotgun annoy the hell out of me, since I can not do it myself : D

@Topic Just get an auto rifle with as high fire rate as possible and aim for the head : P That is my approach ;]

@Moro I think shotgunning is 85% luck and location. I guess it relates to the radar discussion. Usually I switch when they are coming to me on the radar and I’m in good close quarters, which is most maps. I play a lot of Control and it’s really effective for flag defending.

Since shotguns are all different in range, most REALLY short, you need to learn your range which takes a lot of “THAT’S BS I HAD HIM” deaths.

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@Nubhugs Do You zoom or hipfire?

@Moro I zoom all the time. I have a shotgun that gives me just a bit more range when I aim down sights.

I’m determined to blow heads off with the hand cannon in everything I do. I’m only level 12 therefore haven’t unlocked Defender subclass, so I’m hoping my close-quarters style will get a little better after that.

Until then it’s cannons & shotguns, then finish them off with a fist-to-the-face. I’m also trying to practice my slide technique as a gap closer.

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2.57 k/d. I took the screenshot and posted it on the fridge.


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.037 to 2.57 in under 24 hours. Either we have a god gamer or someone is using Game Genie

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It helps pad the stats when 3-4 are standing on the flag so I can roll in with Fist of Havoc.

Nicedude! That was control?

Yes on Control. I seem to do better with objectives than open deathmatch.

I haven’t even played a match since the beta…I know it’s probably time to go.