I'm thinking about getting into some PC gaming, looking for some suggestions



I’ve basically been a console gamer my whole life, but I’ve recently been contemplating PC gaming. I already have a graphics card, but I’m not really sure what it is capable of…and the ability to do 4k gaming interests me a ton. I’m already almost set on buying this monitor, since it is decently priced and capable of 4k gaming. I currently have a Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce GTX 660Ti w/ 2GB @GDDR5. I don’t know much about graphics cards so I’m just spitting out what I see in CPUZ. Are there any graphics cards out there you guys suggest? If I were to go 4k, what card would you suggest? I would rather just add a graphics card to my existing setup to do 4k (if possible), but I’m not really sure how you have to configure that. When you double up cards do you just use software to bridge them together?


So, a 660TI isn’t a bad card but even pairing two of those together in SLi is not going to achieve the 4k gaming experience you’re expecting. Theres a lot of testing that’s been done and you will find that 4k gaming is not really a single card experience, unless you go with a Titan Z or something similar (which is also very expensive). Going with a 980TI wouldn’t be a bad choice for 4k gaming, but I think as newer titles come out, something beefier will be needed, as usual with PC gaming :smiley:

Here is a link to some benchmarks to kind of give you an idea of what you’ll be looking at…


Do you do any 4k gaming? Also, I read that the Titan X could do the job by itself as well. I could see myself dropping that much for the Titan X, but not $2k for the Titan Z. Wow that’s alot. lol.


Personally, I don’t have the monitor for it but I do have the system for it that could do playable framerates currently. You could go with a Titan X but for the cost, I’d go with 2 980 TI’s and do SLI :smiley:




Suggestions, dont buy a new GPU until april. Nvidia is likely to announce the next generation of cards, which should be able to do 4K easier than current cards.


Yeah, the Pascal platform is supposed to debut in April although there’s been some weird things going on…

Time will tell I suppose


I know @Mohomohommad has been anxiously awaiting Pascal and has been following it closely.


Since no one has answered this yet I’ll handle this question.

That is the piece of hardware you will need to link two Nvidia cards in SLI. The cards must be slotted close enough together on your mobo so you can connect them with this. Note the cards must be the same type/number (both must be 660s, or 980s, etc) but it’s fine if one is overclocked and the other is not.

What about 4k resolution interests you so much? I guess it’s nice if you like having UI assets and chat boxes that are too small to read. :laughing:

Moving from a primarily console lifestyle to high-end PC gamer mode is a big leap. That’s my opinion anyway.


There are a couple issues with 4K gaming when it comes to the AAA games:

  1. You need a MONSTER budget, and even then you might get garbage framerates in ones that don’t support SLI.
  2. At a standard monitor size (~27" 16:9 or 34" 21:9) the pixel density is already so high that, IMO, the improvement in quality does not justify the price of the hardware to run it, and the lower framerates it will run at.

Some people say you can go 4K and just lower the graphics settings, but I think that’s kinda silly. Why invest a bunch of money to play games that look worse, but at a higher resolution? Resolution isn’t everything, especially when you’re getting up in to super high resolutions like 1440p and 4K.

A few problems with the Titan X, and 4K gaming with it:

  1. The Titan X BARELY outperforms the much cheaper 980ti. They’re essentially the same chip, except one has more ram and is MUCH more expensive.
  2. Even the Titan X only gets ~25fps at 4K /w max graphics in the new Tomb Raider Game.
  3. As mentioned by others, Pascal is just around the corner. In (potentially) April or June the new, and much faster Titan will be coming out.

The Titan X was probably worth its price point when it came out, but since the release of the 980ti and Pascal coming out in a few months it’s definitely not worth the price.

Buying a monitor today is rough. A couple things are likely going to become the standard in the next couple years, but just aren’t available/affordable yet:

  1. 21:9 Monitors; Also known as “Ultrawide” monitors. As suggested by the name, these are much wider monitors, and based on what I’m seeing, screens will soon(ish) make a transition from Widescreen to Ultrawide in the same way that they did from the old 4:3 quare-ish monitors to widescreen ones.
  2. OLED panels. Right now there are several different panel types, each with their own setbacks. TN LCD panels are fast in both response time and refresh rate, but have bad viewing angles and relatively poor color reproduction. IPS LCD panels have no color shift from different viewing angles, excellent color reproduction and brightness, but have slower response times, lower refresh rate, and are more expensive. OLED Panels have faster response times and higher refresh rates than TN, better color reproduction and brightness than IPS panels, and are capable of “true black” which means each individual pixel can be turned off and be truly black, instead of the dark grey of LCD monitors.



Basically, at this point, I’d strongly recommend 1440p 100+Hz over 4K 60Hz. I think with that you’ll have a superior gaming experience, and save some money. I use the Asus ROG Swift PG278Q monitor which is comprable in price to the 4K monitor but will be much easier to run.

As for GPUs, I’d wait for either the new Pascal Titan (if you’re crazy like me) or the new GTX 1080 (if you’re a sane person) which will have the new HBM memory standard, rather than the old and much slower GDDR5.


Whatever you do, stay away from the Titan Z (if they even still sell it). It didn’t make sense at launch (Two scaled back $1000 Titan GPUs on one card for $3000, WTF?), or today (would get DESTROYED by 2 $650 GTX 980TIs).


After reading everything you said, it seems like 4k is still a bit away from being done easily without a huge budget. I really liked the monitor you have. Looked at the spec and watched some reviews on it, and I couldn’t find anything bad about it. I also liked how the graphics card tells the monitor on when to refresh which helps avoid tearing. What is your setup? What graphics card do you have? If it is a bit older, is there one you would recommend purchasing now? I need to change my monitors up, so I’m almost positive I will go with that Asus, but I think I’m going to hold off on the graphics card until I play some games first. It’s going to be a huge jump for me when it comes to FPS games. I’ve tried some FPS games on my pc before and it’s always very awkward for me to use the keyboard to move forward/backward. I had an extremely hard time trying to move backwards while still keeping control. lol. I just need to try it again. I have Blacklight Retribution on my PC, so I will probably start with that.


As my mentor @Mohomohommad has taught me, consider looking at ultrawide monitors before buying.


I’m running an i7-4770k, Asus Sabertooth Z97 Motherboard, ASUS Strix GTX 980, 16GB DDR3, and of course the monitor I mentioned before. As far as 16:9 monitors go, it’s hard to beat the PG278Q (the one I have), but if you have a nice big budget the best thing you can get right now is the Acer X34 Predator (out now) or the Asus PG348Q (coming out soon).
Both of them are 34" Curved Ultrawide 100Hz G-Sync IPS monitors. Unfortunately they cost $1,299 USD.

As I mentioned up above I have a GTX 980, however with the 980ti now out I would not recommend it. At the high end the 980ti is the clear cut best option. If you’re looking at the GTX 970 or lower, I would actually recommend going with an AMD R9 390 or 390X. The R9 390 is about the same price and performance as the GTX 970, but the AMD cards have 8GB VRAM compared to the 4GB, or 3.5GB if you know anything about that scandal, of the GTX 970. The additional VRAM should make them more future proof.

With that being said, if you can hold out several months for the Pascal cards to come out (the new generation nVidia card) then you’re likely to get much more performance for your dollar. The GTX 1080 and the new Titan are supposed to have HBM2 (High Bandwidth Memory) instead of the old GDDR5 standard on the graphics cards of today (minus the R9 Fury X)


That acer…oh…my…god. It’s beautiful. It’s also sold out on amazon and new egg. Haha. Yea the 21:9 monitors look awesome. That might help me with development also.

Edit: I can’t find it anywhere online. It looks like they sold like hot cakes I guess. I’m going to wait for that monitor to be back in Stock and maybe get it. As for the graphics card, I’m also going to wait.


The ASUS one is coming out soon and looks just as good or better… Except for the stand, I like the one on the Acer better.


@ducksauce88 do you already have your sights on any of the other hardware?


I already have an i7 (forget the model I’m at work), 24gb ram, ssd. I’ll have to check on the mobo, but I believe it is an x99. I bought all this shiz about 6 months ago off my employee store (I work for Intel so I usually buy from my store to get a great deal :smile:).

Edit: in case you are wondering why I’m not keen on this hardware even though I work for Intel…its because I’m a SW guy :wink:. I get asked that alot.


Ok, so I have done some moving around and I think I know what I want to do now. I don’t think I will be getting into PC gaming just yet, between work and school I really like to play on the couch. I think I will revisit this when I finish school. After moving down my 40in tv and using that as an monitor (replacing my other 3 monitors, I already like it much better. However, since this is a shitty insignia tv, its a bit pixelated and not as clear as I would like it. I think I’m going to by a 4k TV after I found out that my graphics card is capable of at least doing 4k output. It will be much easier on my eyes and pretty to look out. I even think I might bring my PS4 in here on occasion to stream :smile:. Previously it was awkward for me to stream because I was always looking up at the monitor. People would be like, Dude what are you looking at. lol

Here is before:


Oh…and my wife could not stand the way it was setup before so I basically have free reign with what I get :smile:.