iMac Surgery scheduled



Does anyone have any experience with Apple hardware? I have a 24" iMac from Early 2009 that is apparently too old for Apple to take a look at. They consider it a “legacy” computer and therefore cannot get parts for it to replace my video card. I’ve been experiencing some crazy video card related symptoms since Snow Leopard, and I’ve brought it in for repairs before right when I was at the end of my AppleCare. They replaced the screen and the logic board, but not the video card and the symptoms continued. I’ve been lazy and didn’t do anything about it until recently. I’ve done a ton of research and figured out that it might just be my heat sink, and not the card itself. so i bought a replacement on ebay and i’m gearing up to put it in myself. i found this great guide. But I’m still nervous. I’ve been building PC’s for 20 years, so how hard can it be? If anyone has an experience, just tell me it won’t be so bad so I feel better, thanks.


I’ve never done work on one personally, but several friends over the years have used tutorials to great success with assorted Apple products; I think you’ll be fine as long as you keep your wits about you :wink:


the hardest part for me is trying to block out a big segment of time. i’m anticipating this taking a lot longer than a pc vid card install. between gaming and zoning out my family, it’s hard to find the actual time to sit down and do it.


Treat it like your game time for a night under the pretense that all subsequent game time will be that much more awesome once you’ve completed your task :wink:


Do you have another PC, coz I want you to stream this with an overhead camera or something.


I have a bit of experience, i’ve been dealing with IMacs for about 5 years and i’ve been building for about 3, you just need a bit of practice and patience and its really easy.


The biggest thing is all Apple stuff I’ve worked on seems to have been made intentionally hard to work on, i.e. tough latching mechanisms, extremely tight space, etc. So yea, lots of patience and time just to take apart and reassemble.


I was totally thinking of doing something like this. i might be able to actually set up an overhead thing too. and yes, i have my main gaming PC that I stream from. If i get this iMac back up and running, i may consider using it as the streaming rig, to take some load of the gaming PC.


This is too coincidental for me not to comment on:

I have the exact model and year of iMac you are talking about and have had issues with it ever since installing Yosemite. To the point that it can run for about 5 minutes and then poops out and dies. Literally no one will look at for me, so I wiped it and reinstalled Mavericks and I am selling it for parts or whoever can fix it for like $300 on Craigslist. Some guy wants to pick it up next week.


yeah i’m about to do the same.

it’s a problem with the video card. they change the kext when they went from Leopard to Snow Leopard and never looked back. now the video card just freezes up for no reason and causes a kernel panic. i just did a brand new fresh install of Yosemite and spent the last 2 hours getting all my software reinstalled…then it happened again. so i’m gonna give it one last shot with the heat sink swap out, and if it doesn’t work, then i’ll it for parts like you did.

i don’t have high hopes, because i think it’s software/driver related, and not hardware.


Well I’m glad someone else is having the same problem. I have no reason to hang on to it anymore, especially because it’s pretty much useless as of right now, but if I can make some money towards my new rig, hey why not?


there are huge threads on the apple support forums about this…dating back 4 years. and no answers from Apple. kind of disappointing. I built my wife’s “hackintosh” and if i want a mac in the future i will be doing the same thing for me. if i can’t depend on them to fix my issues, then i’m not going to give them a few thousand dollars up front.


My mom, bless her heart, told me to storm the castle that is the Apple Store and drop my 20 lb clunker at the Genius Bar and demand a new laptop and my boyfriend and I are laughing at her. I have a serious love hate relationship with Apple, but only some love because when my 2011 MBP went kaput and they gave me a newer, nicer one for free, but mostly because I didn’t cuss them out and handled things like an adult (or at least that’s what the manager said). However, I have a serious loathing for them because in order to speak to anyone I have to make an appointment a week in advance, and even then my wait time is around 45 minutes. When my last MBP was freaking out, it took two or three logic board replacements for them to be like “okay we can’t afford to keep doing this so here’s a new one.” I really could not survive midterms and finals (when this kept happening) without a laptop. Luckily my boyfriend and I pulled the HDD and got my projects off so I didn’t lose 10+ hours of work for a final. If they had not given me a new one, I would’ve built a new laptop for much much cheaper and probably stopped Apple all together.

EDIT: Long story short- building my new PC this month and I am never looking back. The only reason I even have an MBP in the first place is because it is the standard for graphic design work and my entire design lab consists of iMacs, so it just makes sense for now.