Important Clan Info!



Ok guys we are mere hours away from the baddest ass game drop in a long time…we all want to represent Strats Co in game so you need to remember to do this:

AFTER you make your Guardian on the game please go to the bungie site and set your clan to your appropriate console type. This allows you to wear the Strats tag in game. It is very important to do this so we can get our name out there and we can identify each other at a glance. This is very easy to do…go to and log in to your account…then go to groups and select Strats…at the main group page there will be 2 choices…set as playstation clan or set as Xbox1 clan. Looking forward to seeing you all in game!!!


We will have a main party chat system for everyone to join. It can only hold eight people, so each firteam will split off into their own chat. This will allow everyone to play together as well as have clean chat channels.


One more VERY important thing that needs to be said… Just remember to have fun. This is a rare occasion, a chance for about a hundred people to all enjoy a game release together. I’ve never gotten a chance to experience a release like this, being able to create my character and have a ton of friends ready and waiting to play with me, to experience all the new great things awaiting us together as a whole. I’ll quit blabbering now, but heed my rule and enjoy, I know I will.


Make a room on mumble tonight for prelaunch and pregroup up as well me thinks


bump for exposure.


Is there any sort of organized start? I won’t be on until later tomorrow at the earliest as my game is being shipped via Amazon plus work, although I plan to duck out early if the package arrives.


I plan to be on all night and tomorrow looking forward to seeing you all out there!


I only played until Warmind last night but I hope to be on tonight after 7:00PM EST. See you all on the Frontier.