IMPORTANT: The Strats ESO Guild



Since @Xerosum is MIA, I started a new guild called simply Strats. Please put your @username below to get an invite. We need 10 players so we can unlock some good stuff.



@DracoIsmenium, I need you to be a body in the guild to make it to 10 members.


Do you need just my characters name to join the guild?


No, I need your account name and you have to be online.


@Smild : will be online later tonight.


@Xerosum is MIA?! damn, how long?

my ingame is @Masivemurder




I sent invites out to those above. I’m not sure if they’ll go through when you sign in. I didn’t get an error so maybe you’ll receive them when you sign in again.


I can’t wait for Swole Strats to get in the guild and Pump. You. Up.




@dontcallmejames (as usual)

i’ll probably be in game a bunch tonight.


@wheatums310, I’ll be on most of this afternoon and on ‘n’ off tonight.




@Vocino when will you be on today? The invite did not go through for the guild. Need friends, very alone.


I’ll be online soon. @tommy2118 can invite now too.


Almost got baby asleep. I’ll come play. With you.


Looking forward to some group dungeons, cyrodiil, etc. It’s been nice just to get on Mumble and talk to the others while grinding champion points, trading game ideas and a lot of off topic stuff. Vocino, Tommy and Wheatums seem more like real people now, not just text on a screen.


I got on the mumble yesterday, saw Vocino and quickly left. :dickbutt: Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that (guy)


You should have an invite now @Nubhugs