Impromptu Trade Run

Hey guys,
We’ve got quite a few tradepacks that need to be delivered so we are making a run tonight.
We’ll be meeting up in the housing district just south of Royster’s Camp in Dewstone Plains.

ATM the plan is for about 7:30 (CST)
post here if you plan to come or if that time doesn’t work for you.

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Lets all spawn our clippers, everybody will grab a breathing pack, we’ll hop on our donkeys and off we go. Zombie march to the other continent.


Dahutas bubble lasts 40 minutes, I’d bring that to.

Donkey is faster than a clipper without carrot dash though right?

If you have fins, a bard, and the carrot dash skill then yes. I wasn’t really suggesting this, but it’d be fun to do once we have more resources to gear everyone up with.

the hour draws nigh, log on to help us move some trade packs.

Unfortunately 3 hours till I am home

Thanks to everyone who came out to run some trade packs last night.


the payment should come in around 5 for the packs i turned in, who do i turn the gold into?

Me or Wheatums

or Boomba, he put up a large portion of the trade packs.