In case anyone still cares, CitizenCon is tomorrow. 10/10/18



It’s still a huge pile of feature creep but they have added a lot since probably most of you have looked at it.


I still can’t abide it being called vaporware. We’re about a week out from the 6th anniversary of the Kickstarter going live, and starting from nothing to building a team, company, and working on the game, I’m not surprised (albeit disappointed) that the game isn’t available yet; however; referring to it as vaporware would support the notion that I don’t think the game will be released, which is not my belief. Will it be next year? Nope, but I still think it’s going to release.

As for CitizenCon, I just wait for a digest to come out then find any relevant clips on YouTube; I’m excited for what the game could be, but definitely not to the point that I’d buy tickets to a Con dedicated to it (or even watch all the coverage, much less live).


I used the wrong word. I meant feature creep.


Now that’s the fucking truth right there.

StarCitizen: hopefully 20-something


One of their big focuses right now is Face over IP(FOIP). It uses your webcam to make your character’s facial expressions and mouth move with yours. Cool? Sure but we don’t need that shit.


I wouldn’t say “big focus;” it’s definitely something new and shiny that they’re doing a lot of PR on, but that team isn’t involved in the ongoing development with the ship/art/planet teams that is probably getting really stale to continue talking about.

“The ship team is still working on making ship X amazing; ship Y is at this stage; ship Z is at this stage; ship A is next in the pipe.”


Yes different teams are working on it but it pushes the release of the patch back.


True, but frankly it probably helps the other teams have more to show in any given patch; for a bit now the patches have been pretty small since a lot of the backend whatnot has been getting updated/refined with the recent lessons learned from the last few years.

I just want my fucking MM already; put that shit in the hanger at least.


By the time this game comes out, you will be able to buy the ships in real life.


I’m in the “work on the game you promised and stop adding a bunch of stuff people didn’t ask for” camp. Yeah it’s cool, but we could have been playing for a year or two if they just started by releasing what was backed.


I know @senNish still follows the development, hopefully if anything super-cool comes out he’ll let us know :wink:


I’m still painfully testing it in the Evocati group.