In case you were at the Weekly and missed the new Star Wars trailer




This is fantastic. Gave me chills. Going to have to rewatch all of the movies now.


Totally EPIC


Who is that bad guy? I was thinking it was the apprentice.


I got a little something in my eye.

@Dynamible There’s a rumor that he is Luke Skywalker turned dark! WWHHAAATTTTTT!!!


That’d quite possibly be a deal-breaker for me on this new franchise without some outstanding lore/reasoning (which I doubt JJ would deliver on were this the case).


Oh shit that would be intense!


I heard thru people’s he is Han and Leia’s son.


Don’t be a hater @Auth :baby_bottle:


@Auth - Actually believe it or not in the EU of Star Wars, Luke Skywalker does actually go dark for “a bit”. The Emperor managed to survive by having clone bodies as back up for his soul and Luke went to the dark side in order to uncover the whereabouts of the clone facility in order to finally destroy the emperor once and for all.


I’m pretty up on the EU (maybe not as much as @Diacuss, but still pretty steeped in it) and know about that bit, but without lore of similar quality (as I mentioned above) I’d be pretty strongly opposed to them doing that in a movie.

It’s more about JJ Abrams not having the best track record for doing justice to the franchises he gets his hands on. He’s made some decent movies, but he often destroys lore/nostalgia/childhoods in the process (although, if we’re being honest, it’s not like Lucas would do us any favors at this point were he making this run of films, so we may be facing the lesser of 2 evils).


Well think of it this way. Maybe at the VERY end of the movie (Cliff hanger) it will be revealed that it is in fact Luke Skywalker and then the sequel will be made that will strengthen the story.

Because Luke is a jedi I feel he should “Look” younger as the movie isn’t that far in the future (at least from my knowledge" and it’s been shown that Light sided force users retain their youth longer then others. It makes me feel like Luke will show up but with a different actor or somehow Mark Hamil pulls some hacks out of nowhere and goes through some treatments / healthy dieting to look younger.


Just so you know, I’m a bit of a stubborn bastard; nothing you’re going to say is likely to impact my opinion of JJ Abrams’ ability to ruin franchises or my apprehension at the potentiality of Luke on the Dark Side with him at the helm of the film. I’ll still watch the movie and will adjust my stance as appropriate at that point, but I’m not in a hurry to give into the temptation of assuming everything will be fine and awesome (did that once, and I wish I could take back the sensation of being let down); I’d rather roll into the film skeptical and have my mind blown than optimistic and have my hopes and dreams crushed (again).

I already have one trilogy of turds under the heading “Star Wars” I do pretty well pretending don’t exist; I can probably manage another one if need be :wink:


(>’^’)^ FINE be that way. I’ll just take your stubbornness as a challenge.

On a serious note I wasn’t trying to convince you :stuck_out_tongue: I was just saying that “this may be the case but I don’t know 100%”.


I think you’re giving him way too much influence with this particular franchise. I don’t know what his involvement was with others but The Force Awakens was written mostly by Lawrence Kasdan (of The Empire Strikes Back) and Michael Arndt (The Hunger Games).

While J.J., being a director who is passionate about all aspects of his films, had influence in the screenplay his art and craft is really bringing the screenplay to life through the pictures and getting the most out of the actors.

At those things, I think he is an extremely talented individual.

Also, I know from first hand knowledge that The Force Awakens crew spent their lives for the last however long at Skywalker Ranch living, breathing, and understanding the lore.

Keep in mind that J.J. has done some huge franchise movies but nothing remotely comes close to the amount of money hinging on this movie being successful for Disney and they are taking it ridiculously seriously over there in the Presidio headquarters.


Yall know way more than me on this franchise. I just can’t wait to sit down and enjoy it. I’m not going to pick it apart peice by peice.


Even though I’m a die hard Star Wars fan, I feel the same way @ducksauce88. I’m really just looking forward to more Star Wars content and seeing where Disney takes it.