In need of a new Battlefield and soon!



I dont know about you guys but I feel like its time for another Battlefield nothing like hard-line. In my opinion it was garbage but something like BF3 or BF4 would be perfect does anyone agree?


Relevant :wink:


A new Battlefield is coming by the end of this year. As @Auth posted from that article, it’s rumored to be WWI-themed… It could be an interested take on the series, we shall see as more information releases.

Battlefield Hardline was a joke.


I’m honestly totally ready to go back to historical wars; we’ve beaten the modern/near-future concept to death of late the same way we beat WW2 to death a decade ago, so it’s time to repeat the cycle :wink:


Yeah. I think a WWI game would be interesting… Assuming it’s not just “jump out of trench, run towards other trench, die”


While we wait for more info on the next Battlefield, I heard this game was good…