In need of resources

Mining as much as a i am at the new site i am running out of mats to make tools…i go through at least 4-5 diamond pickaxes in an average sitting and i have used all my diamonds up until this point. If any of you have any extra diamonds that you could part with for my project it would be greatly helpful. Providing you all with the needed mats for your builds is something i am very happy to do but i need some support with what i have mentioned.

The way i am mining i am not at the required depth to get diamonds and if i stop my progress on my project to go hunting diamonds that means i wont be using that time to get what you need…so if you could help me out with some diamond donations i will be grateful. Thank you for reading.

Are you using an enhanced pickaxe with unbreaking? If not, get one and repair it with new pickaxes. This will make them last longer.

He’s doing all of that; he’s been mining almost non-stop all weekend :wink:


I’ll bring you some diamonds in about an hour or so.