In-stream Notifications


Continuing the discussion from Twitch Prime Subscription Trade:

After watching the glorious celebration of @dontcallmejames subbing to @Vocino, what also caught my eye was the in-stream notifications - both the sub itself & the summary in the top-right.

Do y’all use them? It’s not an area I’ve spent much time considering, other than the default follow notification that’s triggered as part of XSplit Gamecaster.


I haven’t spent as much time as I’d like. In fact, seeing off brand color on that notification video made me cringe! I use Streamlabs’ fork/build of OBS thus their notification system as well but they’re all about the same.


I have all custom notifications. That’s one of the things I’m always working on with streaming. Right now I’m rocking an old school gaming theme across the board for my follower, sub, hosting, and cheer alerts

Follower: Mortal Kombat “Toasty”
Sub: laughing dog from Duck Hunt
Cheer or Doantion (I forget which one): Mike Tyson from Tyson’s punch out
Host: Quale 1 soldier with the glorious gib sound effect.

I was trying to use streamlabs built in alerts but they weren’t customizable enough for me. So I am using a overlay from for all alerts. They can connect with steamlabs so you can still use streamlabs to track donations.