In Your Face!

2 shot @Dynamible
Myself, Burger, Nevo, Wxqie, Jwil, Edie all will be waiting for your post on our eliteness in all things Crota


Bigggg talk you had going there Dynamible! Second try to kill SCrota. Good luck kids!


Yep we still can’t do it. Sorry to back out on you guys. I needed to get my times straight before making promises.

That’s also unfair you guys have done it already none of us have

Well there was a challenge that may have or may not have been agreed to so…

Well its all on @Dynamible, and still unfair not one of us have done this.

Fair enough
Good luck in there
We are all rooting for ya

did you guys all give up? are you all 31?

Reading and someone is leveling to 31. We have three thirty.

I can help you guys tomorrow if need be you should be able to do it with 3 30’s