Increased AT-AT health on Endor in Battlefront



The below patch notes apply to PC only but I’m assuming some (like the gameplay tweaks) will be released for every platform:

Miscellaneous Updates and Tweaks:

  • Added Dolby Atmos support for PC players
  • Fixed an issue where one out of 12 players remained in the loading screen on Swamp Crashsite, Sorosuub Centroplex, and Graveyard of Giants in Heroes vs. Villains and Walker Assault multiplayer modes
  • Fixed an issue where two players would spawn in a damage area that doesn’t match visual lava

Walker Assault Updates and Tweaks:

  • Increased AT-AT health on Endor

Hero Updates and Tweaks:

  • Removed auto-lock on Boba Fett´s missile.

Weapons, Gadgets and Star Cards Tweaks:

  • Tweaked impact damage for Impact grenade from 100 to 90

The Walker Assault change on Endor was definitely needed. The Rebels won that match far too often.

Removing Boba Fett’s missile lock is rough. While I die to it quite a bit, it felt appropriately powerful when you played as Fett. Without it, he’s going to be a pretty difficult hero to play since all of his skills will be heavily aim based.

Tweaking impact grenade damage probably makes sense. 10% isn’t a huge change but it will be enough to possible survive it. The impact grenade’s trade off for high damage should be that the player has to land it on you rather than close to you. Other grenades, like Thermal, have higher damage but obviously are easier to avoid.


I like they are tweaking it. Some of the walker assaults were so easy for one side.


I wish they would address piloting for PC. I really can’t adjust to how they have it set up, I prefer pitch,roll, and yaw controls found in most games with aircraft. Why have a HOTAS if I can’t use it to fly an X-wing??

P.S HOTAS = hands on throttle and stick :stuck_out_tongue:


Likely because Battlefront isn’t a flight simulator; it’s an arcade-style shooter. And they probably didn’t want to take the time to develop serious controls for such a small portion of the game.

Maybe your HOTAS would see better use in Star Citizen. :laughing:


What @teh_ninjaneer said. Flying in Battlefront has regularly been touted as one of the most fun game modes. That’s likely due to how accessible it is. You don’t need any special equipment or need to think about numerous keys.

My wife absolutely loves Fighter Squadron and I think this is why.


I’m playing Elite Dangerous while I wait for about the next decade for Star Citizen to launch :stuck_out_tongue:


Well yea flying has been fun for the huge majority, and yes I know they don’t develop games for the minority of players. But for PC players even the keyboard and mouse default is really difficult. I can fly in GTA V with my keyboard just fine. The beta flight controls for BF were relatively fine with the mouse combo they had…now you cant even line up strafing runs without the nose of the fighter bouncing all over the place. It just feels like you have no control flying around, just flapping through the air like in flappy bird. I’m sure on PS4 or Xbox One the controls feel natural because of the controllers, but on PC it is a really debated issue because I play PC to not use said controllers.

TL;DR I play PC to not use a controller, I’m kinda upset I have to use a controller to do what I was looking forward to the most.


It sounds like you’re envious because Battlefront was designed as a console game first. :laughing:

I won’t think any less of you for plugging a gamepad into your PC. I use one myself. I’ve been using some type of joystick/gamepad/input device since I first started using “computers” 30+ years ago.