Inpromptu Texas Strats Meetup


@Auth and @PreshusKitty stopped by to visit me in College Station, TX. I took many pics of the same selfie. Theelse pictures are unedited, and may be upsetting to some people. If you have children, please ask them to step back to a safe distance for the entire viewing duration.


Somebody in those pics needs a haircut…


Looks like Jon Tron came by as well. But why did you make Auth take all the pictures and not appear in any of them?


This is wonderful!


Also, I live in (probably) the most touristed place in the world, but no one ever visits me!


I love that @Auth is sporting the Star Wars while @PreshusKitty is repping the Trek.
Do you guys have one of those “A House Divided” Flags in front of your place?


We like to match shirts as best as possible when out and about, but I have more Star Wars shirts than she does and she’s got more Star Trek shirts than me, so sometimes that necessitates repping different franchises.


oh, didn’t even see the shirts, all I saw was that glorious hat


Welcome to my world.


That’s awesome!


What? We totally match… You mean you don’t remember the movie where Spock and Khan steal the Enterprise and go to Alderan with the Ewoks to fight the Ferengi?



Impromptu meetup #2 from Wednesday evening with @DrAculaMD on our way back home :strats_green:


It’s like Strats Tour 2018


Guys… You can’t head home before hitting up Canada…


Ohhh, much better now after the shave!

Also, Preshus’ haircut and mine are like, twins.