Inquisitor Nubhugs



Finally! The nightmare is over…


Dude, you’re a monster! Congrats!


WOW! I havent even beaten the game on Hard yet… granted I got sucked back in to Destiny…

Congrats @Nubhugs!

Additionally, I like that you use the red theme.


Thats awesome @Nubhugs !! how long did nightmare take?


@Droul It took me 70 hours. I still have a ton of content to do. I bet at least another 20-30


I really want to do some Multiplayer today before my crota raid at 9 est.

Any takers?


I’m down, let’s do it. Strats Streaming Party


Congrats man… I wanna see you kill one dragon with nightmare mode still on :stuck_out_tongue:


One trophy I will probably never have xD


Same here.


I’ll get it soon :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats - that is why It so easy on Normal :slight_smile: on by the way - whats on Nightmare difficulty?


Nightmare is all the same stuff, just harder stuff to kill.


I reach level 30ish in my Normal, and I love to explore. and After completing the game I’ve played other games.
My question: what is your level playing Nightmare.?

Also I got the rarest/strongest bow i could find - Bow of Griffon

You think I could do nightmare?


When I completed Nightmare mode story I think I was around level 18 or 19. It wasn’t very high at all, I did some exploring but nowhere near as far as yours by the sounds of it.


Another reason to do Nightmare on the first play through. This is what I do for all games now. The great Inquisitor @Nubhugs has shown me the light.


Thats right @Vocino. You don’t let a game push you around, you push it. And possibly insult it.


I slapped it…


That is why Corypheus is so easy, Thanks for the reply @Nubhugs - I will try to do nightmare but it will take a long gametime.


It took me a good 90 hours to finish it with a lot of optional stuff left over. Near the end I really pushed to finish the story alone because it was just getting really time consuming