Insamination of Strats


My name is Sam and I’m a 26 year old college student in Houston, Texas. I like to play League of Legends, Minecraft, GTAV on playstation, DCUO, and I still load up Guild Wars classic on occasion. Primarily, I enjoy competitive team-based gaming, but I’m not married to any particular genre.


Welcome aboard! Let us know if there’s anything you need :wink:

Welcome, sam I hope you enjoy playing with us.

Welcome to the Dark side brother. Should throw up your LoL ign here

Hi Sam welcome to Strats! What are you going to school for?

Welcome! I’m sure we will see you on the Minecraft server at some point!

Hey Sam! Welcome to Strats ;D

This guy is @seriousbusiness.

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My intention was to pursue a business degree with a major in communications; however, I’ve recently developed an interest in screenwriting and journalistic writing. So, the only static reason I have for going to school right now is the ladies.

This ladies man though. Seriousbusiness is all business on that front.

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The ladies make the world go round. Greater men have died over less.

@seriousbusiness has his head in the right place.

The sunglasses don’t make Serious Sam a badass. The fact that he can fire a minigun with wrist strength alone doesn’t make Serious Sam a badass. What makes Serious Sam a badass is that he can do all this with his jeans cuffed 90’s style.


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