Instantly improve your gameplay experience by unchecking one option




Do people really have a problem with allied chat? I usually type some form of a greeting at the start of a match and then nothing is ever said again.


Especially for people still learning to play or interested in being casual, it removes a potentially-very-real element of toxicity. Now that HoTS has officially come out, it’s going to get worse (at least in the short term).


Since open beta I’ve noticed an uptick in toxic chat. Still nothing like lol at its worst.


You guys get matched with different people than I do. Even in a losing game I rarely see people complain. I’m currently level 32.


Well I hunted for this feature because I played a couple games this morning that were just so annoying in chat. Even if we are winning, there are people bitching at each other.

It just feels so much better to not see it at all and be in my own zone. With HotS’s pretty comprehensive ping system, you don’t miss much.

Plus if you’re not in mumble, are you really communicating all that well? :smile:


Presently, perhaps, but this is the same thing that happened with Smite when it finally came out of beta. It may take time to establish, but there will likely be more and more toxicity (to whatever degree Blizzard is tolerant); I’d put money on it :wink:

That’s probably your saving grace right now, but if there’s a level cap, expect to see the trolls in short order.


Awww poor allied chat. I love using it to tell players they are doing a good job when we are kicking booty.


Now how will I communicate when my mic dies?


Overall I’d say Allied chat is still worth it. Besides I easily can ignore/block the one idiot ranting on your team.