Interactive Map 2nd scene in OBS

@Vocino, I was thinking about our talk about a GTAV overlay. I was thinking it might be cool to have a 2nd scene that we could switch to and explain to our viewers what we were doing


  • Graphic background with a crime planning theme (similar to the crime board you are working on, just skewed towards planning a crime)
  • Have a good sized cut out in the overlay where we can screen capture one of the interactive GTAV maps that are online.

I think it would help with the viewer connection if we could switch scenes and explain where we are and what are plan is for that instance. Example: I’m here at my apt (drop a pin on the map) I’m heading to the Military base (drop pin) to meet @Auth so we can steal some jets. Switch scene back and play. Rinse and repeat.

This might be good preperation for something cool for heists. Thoughts?

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Sounds like it would be really cool if it works. :smile:

We could stream an interactive board on the StratsCo twitch channel the whole time.

I have been looking at maps on my phone. I’ll take a look at them on my PC tonight and see which ones screen/browser the best.

I was testing something similar last week in Battlefield 4. This was during a live game (although I don’t think GTA has that much information or any real live data):