Interest Capped: My Micro Blog


Hello everyone,
I’m all about content creation. I support it, and I want to be a part of it. A good month ago I found myself not really doing anything. I desperately wanted to get content out and I didn’t have many ideas except gaming, I then came to the realization that blogs were one of the easiest ways to get your words out.

I personally am not an interesting individual, however, I am good at finding things on the internet, and I translated taht talent onto a blog. It’s a tumblr site dedicated to sharing content taht I find interesting! It’s not too filled with posts thus far, but I do have plans for it.

Now the blog isn’t exactly gaming oriented, but rather oriented for anything. If you make it, and it’s fun, then I share it. It’s something that i have been battling to stay consistent with, but i’ve finally came to a conclusion that I have to keep to it.

Interest Capped is the name

When I joined team strats, I came in with the idea of creating gaming content, which is an idea that I am going to stick to, however this blog is much more easier and it targets a number of people. Consistent writing practice and keeping me busy with searching. It’ll be tough to juggle, but I’m going to do it.

I’ve tagged myself as a content hunter, which is exactly what I do.

Anyways, I’d appreciate it if all of you could stop by the site, and put in your two cents. Constructive criticism is greatly welcome. I’m looking to improve, and if you all can help with that, would be great.

One more thing, as far as gaming videos come, I’ve actually recorded 40 minutes of game last night, and will get to editing that soon!

I appreciate you all reading this, and I hope you all can enjoy.
Alex “xALRock”