Interest in Diablo 3?



I’ve noticed a number of people playing Diablo 3 on PS4, not sure on the PC numbers but if there were enough people to keep healthy activity I think it could be a boon to all us loot grinders.

Having a friends list full of PS4 Diablo players we would have more people to toss gifts to along with more nemesis’s jumping in and out of peoples games, something I’ve found sorely lacking so far. Also along those lines for both PS4 and PC, if people could find a group to coordinate and do greater rifts with it would help push to higher rifts previously unobtainable. Not to mention the possibility of loot trading, have a bad ass Flail but you don’t play Crusader? Well I have a Wizard Source and could certainly use an upgrade, let’s make a deal! Thread for sharing builds you’ve made or found to be exceptional? Why the hell not! Maybe we could even make of use of Brawling that never seems to get touched you know, for shits and giggles. Want to start a new character but you’re daunted by all that leveling? I’m in the mood to power level you no problem!

I certainly would love to see this happen, it may even encourage old or new players to join up as well if it gained enough traction.

So if you find this to be an interesting idea please share your support by saying so. Here’s to hoping we have a new community on our hands!


I have seen a lot of people playing this. We could start something up.


I have the game and would love to see someone take the lead on this. You know games are always better with friends. And they are even better with Strats Friends!


Funny that you would be showing interest @tommy2118 seeing as how I’ve sent you at least 3 if not more gifts. So if we can get this going and you decide to start playing you’ve got some gear in the mail! :slight_smile:


I think I have logged a total of 2 hours playing Diablo III to date. :smile: Thanks for the gifts, when I log back into it I’ll be sure to return the favor.

What do you think the Diablo III section of Strats would look like? Would it be similar to Destiny? Did you have another vision?


I was thinking it would end up shaping itself, you know community input and what not. But as far as a basic structure goes a Destiny a like would be good.


Is Diablo on console really a thing? I admit I like using my gamepad when I can (really enjoy FFXIV on PC with my 360 gamepad), but some things are best left to the mouse. Not sure I’m ready to get that crazy.


Joystick movement is SO much nicer than click-spam to move. @Diacuss plays a good bit of Diablo on PS4.


Who uses click-spam? Force-to-move is where it’s at. :wink:


From my experience with the PS4 version, what i’ve read and the videos i’ve watched of the PC version I feel the console version is the superior one. That’s purely my opinion and i’m sure there would be a lot who would disagree but like @Auth said no click-spam to move, there’s dodging and a few other little perks like the Nemesis system and gifts the only reason i’d play PC is for seasonal laddering but not really my thing. Oh and being able to place your AoE but I find the auto target system to be adequate.


I’ve played on both pc and ps4 and I like them both. I have more control placing with aoes but I really like the joystick moving. Right now I’ve been playing on the ps4 cause its in my bedroom and I can play from bed. But whenever I’m on anyone is more than welcome to join me when I’m playing. Currently a fresh lvl70 and can solo torment 1 rifts easily. Working on alts but my main is wizard.


I recently picked this up a week or two ago and have started playing it. I tend to float more towards Destiny still, but I’m always up for a bit of Diablo. I’m only level 20 at the moment and just getting into Act 2, but quick to level of course.


I feel like the level grind to the end game is the least fun part of the game, by no means not fun though, adventure mode and rifts are just 10x more fun IMO. I love the thrill you get when you find a new legendary or an upgrade of any kind at level 70 you rush to put it on see what it looks like and you get to feel truly bad ass as you watch your character and the numbers grow. Destiny unfortunately doesn’t give me that same feeling, still fun in other ways just not the way I was looking for.


I dont want to make New post. but is somone play D3? if so my battle tag is Nolani#2389 so just add me if you play the game
I want to start fresh toon