Interest in joining your Destiny 2 clan!


Hey there! I recently got Destiny 2 and play on PS4 as The_King_WZRD_.

I’ve been playing since D1 launch. Looking for a new clan to shake things up as my clan from D1 made up of mostly friends has spread itself across other clans. Excited to meet and hunt with everyone!


Hello @Tanner_Reed, welcome to Strats! We hit Destiny 1 really hard on PS4. This time around we’re showing up on PS4 and PC. Either way, it’s the same clan.

@NVS_1 leads our PS4 Destiny front and the direct link is here:


FYI @Vocino looks like you can only join 1 clan :frowning:.

“You already have a Clan membership on this Platform, or you have exceeded the maximum number of clan invites for your account.”


Welcome to the Strats party! How’d you stumble on to us? And while you’re telling me, why not grab a beverage from the virtual cooler over yonder…


I saw you applied and accepted, but you weren’t showing up on my side. Was confused, but this makes sense now haha. Come join us :slight_smile:


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