Interesting Launch Survey found on Reddit (3000+ responses)



Got this from reddit user ImmortallsSol. The answers are very interesting, most impressive being the insanely even split between class preferences.

Questions asked:
At launch, what race will you choose for your first/main character?
Which class will you start with?
What subclass are you most excited/interested in playing?
What faction are you most interested in?

The Results!

Personally, I’m thinking of rolling a Titan first.


Okay, I’m relatively late to the party on this game, I missed the Beta. I have however done some research, yet somehow I had no clue that there were different playable races. This information has excited me, and also shamed me, my google-fu is weak.


It’s partly because the classes are extremely similar.


Yeah in the lower levels they all feel the same. I wonder how “different” the play styles will feel after sub classing and w/ high-level armor.


Yes three races to choose from! However, they are purely for aesthetics and have no buff/benefit related to them as far as I know.


Yeah that’s really surprising how even it is amongst the classes. I’ll be an Awoken Female Warlock for sure though. Still not decided on Subclass, but that can wait.