Interstellar -- See it in Ultra HD

Story aside, see this movie at the highest quality you can, the space scenes were beyond remarkable. You will lose a great part of the movie if you just see it in a normal theatre and not HD or Ultra HD.

Story Wise, I likened this movie to the movie “Contact” from nearly 2 decades ago. Go see the movie with the intent of expanding upon it within your own mind, a great “What if” scenario.

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Wait what?

Calm down mr director guy!

Dude, he made Too Many Cooks too o.O

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witty reply mr writer!

I was about to post this also, too many cooks!!. Also I really liked Interstellar too.

I saw Too Many Cooks trending on Twitter last night, wondered what the deal was.

I might go see Interstellar today. I’ve heard great things. I’m thinking of doing IMAX for it.

Don’t over-hype yourself!

I thought it was a great movie for expanding upon the ideas that were touched on. The scientific inaccuracies aside I thought it was a great movie and I suggest that people see it in 4k or as HD as they can muster. The movie makes you appreciate space and if I see it again in theatres I’ll look for an Ultra HD theatre showing 4k.

4k is best k :wink:


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Sorry for the late edit

Neil DeGrasse Tyson talking about the science of the movie.

If you needed more reasons to see the movie… LoL


What’s the verdict?

My wife and I ended up seeing Big Hero 6 instead because Interstellar is apparently 3 hours long and we didn’t have enough time.

Big Hero 6 was really good though. Plus it takes place in a really cool hybrid of San Francisco and Tokyo called San Fransokyo.

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My wife and daughter watched Big Hero 6 over the weekend. They both loved it.

Three hours is pretty ridiculous actually. Wow

It’s still in our list.

I never looked at my watch. I came out expecting it to be like 9 PM on a 7 pm showing.

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Just saw it. I had to convince my fiance to come with - she says all that science-y stuff is beyond her. She ended up enjoying it and I ended up with my mind blown.

It’s terrific. Sci-fi as can be yet grounded in real, believable theories (as far as I can tell). Added to my short list of movies I’d watch again.

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