Into Podcasts? Share your favorites


So, I am pretty late to the world of Podcasts… I never really had an appeal to them for the longest time… As of late, I just started listening to the Serial series which is pretty good so far.

What are some of your favorite subscriptions?


I have started to listen to the cracked podcast. I really like listening about changing perspectives and views. One of my favorites was about how Millennials have a different kind of world to go into and how the rising efficiencies and rising population will eventually create a reality where not everyone will have a job. It’s talky interesting to consider the culture change that industrialization bring. Also she we ate attracted to people and all kinds if of other interesting topics.

I really liked hardcore history as well. It goes into the strategies and politics of interesting times in history. Some topics would literally be eight hours of content.

I drive a lot for work, so I would love other podcasts like these.


Oh man I just found serial last week. Almost caught up to where they are in season 2 right now. I basically listened to all of season 1 in 1 day. It was so addictive.


Haha, it definitely is addicting… I’m only on S1E4 but its starting to unravel even more… I heard S2 is very good as well, totally different storyline.


informative and scientific
fantasy comedy roleplay
video game talk, not really reviews but more like overviews
sister podcast about game music
You can find all of these guys on itunes but personally I use my android app called Podcast Addict


I don’t watch them all by any stretch, but I enjoy Good Mythical Morning (less podcast, more shenanigans) and Tested (Adam Savage of Myth Busters fame; includes podcasts, among other stuff) from time to time.


Most of the other podcasts I’ve tried have been boring, rambling, or had hosts I just couldn’t stand to listen to (like the GC9X podcast)


I almost exclusively listen to the Kinda Funny guys. They are compiled from a some guys who left IGN. Greg Miller is my hero. lol. These guys have their podcasts on iTunes, Android, Youtube and have a daily show on twitch as well. They are hilarious and lovers of the PS4 platform. They don’t get much into PC gaming though. They are worth the listen just for pure entertainment.


Fun fact: Kinda Funny are part of the Achievement Hunter offshoot, Let’s Play, now. Also, Rooster Teeth have a decent video podcast as well.


I really wish I could go to their Kind Funny Live event. Maybe next year. Sucks its on the opposite coast from me doe.