Into the Wasteland - A Newbies Guide to Survival in Fallout 76



It’s 2102 and you wake up the day after the Reclamation Day celebration in Vault 76, grab your Pip-Boy, and make your way out of Vault 76 in search of the Overseer. As you step out of the vault into the what has become of Appalachia country in West Virginia, you’re left to your own devices to survive.

And if you’re like me, you’ve done so without any preparation or understanding of what it’s like to wander the wasteland.

You encounter radioactive bugs that show you no quarter. You discover that thirst & hunger are real things, and make the mistake of drinking any water you find at any point in time. You think you’re hungry now, just wait until you’re infected with parasites. And as you wander aimlessly away from the vault, you eventually encounter those who made the same mistakes you’ve made and are now paying for their lack of preparation.

It’s a mad, mad world.

To help you get home by those country roads of West Virginia, the soon-to-be we will be going Into the Wasteland and providing you guides to act as your compass. Each will be written to provide you the foundational knowledge to ensure a successful journey through the wasteland and will be based on my own experiences, so you need not repeat the mistakes that I have made before you.


  • Leaving the Vault - the basics you need to know before you step outside.

  • You’re SPECIAL - what are these points and do I actually get bubble gum in those card packs?

Nov 8: added Leaving the Vault
Nov 12: added You're SPECIAL