Into the Wasteland - Leaving the Vault



As you wake up in Vault 76, you begin your first quest “Reclamation Day” and are tasked with character creation, grabbing your Pip-Boy, and getting the heck out of Dodge.

So what could possibly go wrong?!

Character Creation

If you’re like me, you can spend hours choosing the hair colour that perfectly accentuates your chin, which you cycled through 23 times to find the acceptable shape.

Hot Tip: Don’t spend too much time here. Unlike previous Fallout titles, you can adjust everything about your character at any point in time. Don’t like your hair colour or body shape tomorrow? Through the magic that is Appalachian air, you can change it on up.

Use the B&B - Banjo & Bed

Before you leave your quarters, you’ll find you can interact with a number of items - your workstation, the lights, the radio, the banjo and the bed. If you can grab it, take it. If you can’t, enjoy the simplicity of flipping a switch.

Hot Tip: If you take a moment to play the banjo, about half a minute, you’ll gain the Well-Tuned perk. This perk gives you a one-hour boost of +25% AP (action point - y’know, running) regeneration. In fact, after you leave the vault you’ll find all sorts of instruments in the wasteland you can play.

Second Hot Tip: Give your character a chance to power-nap. Not only will sleeping in a bed heal you over time, a half-minute snooze will give you the Well-Rested perk and provide you a 5% XP (experience) boost. Just keep in mind that while you can also catch a few winks in the wasteland, sleeping just anywhere ain’t all that sanitary - you’ll get the benefits, but with added detrimental bonuses like disease!

And do you like mini-games? Make sure you check out the Terminal before leaving!

Follow the Waypoints

Do you see those Vault Boy cutouts? They are directing you to the exit. Don’t be like me & wander aimlessly towards every door asking yourself, “is this the way out?”

Hot Tip: Make sure you pick up all the items that are available to you as you pass the tables on the marked path. It’s the easiest loot you’ll find in the game.

The other benefit of listening to the various Mr. Handy robots on the way out is you’ll learn important facts such as “how to avoid starvation,” “how not to die of thirst,” and how to use your C.A.M.P (Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform).

You’re Outside

Welcome to the wasteland. Don’t drink the water unless you want to glow in the dark and remember, everything is trying to kill you. Well, not quite everything. PvP combat won’t be a thing until you hit level 5, so all those player characters are nice by design.

To complete your first quest, you need only to make your way to the Mr. Handy named Pennington and off to the Overseer you go.

Hot Tip: Search everything. And I mean everything. You’ll find some loot as you follow the path to Pennington, so make sure to grab it all - weapons, items and explosives:

  • Corpse in blue jumpsuit outside door will provide you your first firearm, a Pipe Pistol.
  • Corpse just down the stairs from the vault will provide you your first melee weapon, a Machete.
  • And a little bit further down is a busted up jeep with full of explosives, specifically Baseball Grenades & Fragmentation Grenades. Boom!

Congratulations! Take a moment to sing a little Country Roads in the style of Mark Strong and then go forth into West Virginia.

Into the Wasteland - A Newbies Guide to Survival in Fallout 76

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