Into the Wasteland - You're SPECIAL



You’ve made it outside of Vault 76. Congratulations! You’re now well on your way to mutation & radiation poisoning! Fortunately, as you level up (and hopefully you have by the time you’ve left the vault) you’ll gain a point to build up your SPECIAL attributes to help you survive.


What is SPECIAL you ask?

  • Strength is a measurement of your physical power (i.e how much you can carry, how hard you hit with melee).
  • Perception is all about awareness of who’s nearby, what stealthy creature are moving about, and your accuracy in VATS.
  • Endurance is a measure of your fitness (i.e your total health, how fast your AP drains, your ability to fight off disease).
  • Charisma is how well you can lead & help others (i.e. sharing higher point Perks, better prices while bartering).
  • Intelligence is all about smarts (i.e. crafting better materials, ability to hack terminals).
  • Agility is a measure of your overall finesse and reflexes (i.e. higher max AP & ability to be sneaky AF).
  • Luck is a measure of fortunate you are (i.e. faster critical hit recharge, better quality loot find).

The simple process is to determine which stats coalesce with your specific play-style and invest away, at least to the perk point cap of 50. Don’t care too much for Luck? Then don’t invest in it. All about running away? Jack up your Endurance and Agility.

Hot Tip: You can’t respec SPECIAL!! If your play-style changes from “run away from everything” to “stand and fight” late in the game, there’s no ability to reallocate so make it count from the get-go. Using a build calculator (Nukes & Dragons or Fallout Builds) can go a long way to making every point count.

Perk Cards

Another aspect to consider when investing your points is the Perk card system. As you wander the wasteland, you’ll score perk card packs as you level up - one every two levels to Level 10 (2, 4, 6, 8 & 10) and then one every five levels after (15, 20, 25, 30, 35, etc.). Each Perk Card Pack will contain four perk cards, while some will also contain gum that grant special effects (different effect with each flavour).

To use a perk card, you simply need to have the corresponding number of points invested in the equivalent SPECIAL stat. For instance, the perk card Traveling Pharmacy requires you to have a least one point invested in Strength to use (plus be level 3, something we’ll talk about next). If you happen to have more than one point invested in Strength, you could also stack Iron Fist on top. In fact, you can stack a total of 15 cards into one SPECIAL stat.

Hot Tip: You can upgrade Perk cards! To do so, you simply need two of the same card (i.e. two level 1 Iron Fist cards can be upgraded into one level 2 Iron Fist card).

What makes these cards even more practical to your journey through Appalachia is that the perk cards can be swapped out at anytime. So if you’re running solo today and with a group of friends tomorrow, your perk cards can suit whichever need in the moment. As long as you have all the cards you want that is.

Into the Wasteland - A Newbies Guide to Survival in Fallout 76

This cannot be overstated; make sure you don’t accidentally build yourself into a corner or in a manner that prevents you from doing what you want later in the game!

It’s been confirmed by Bethesda that they’re working to bring character respecing into FO76, but we don’t know when or how, so it’s still better to have something of a plan in place; do your homework and join the discussion over here!