Intro - Many Thanks


Saying thanks because I’ve been looking for a community exactly like this for quite some time and I feel confident I’ve found it here. I’m sure you get that all the time, but its worth saying all the same.

Name is John, live on the east coast of Canada, been playing rpgs and online games since I was a wee lad. Older now but love them all the same.

My main interests lately are in team based multiplayer type games, and that’s what brought me here. I’ve been following the development of The Division and was looking forward to share my excitement about the game as well as find people to party up with when it goes live. I’ll be playing on pc.

I’m looking forward to reading these forums and getting to know the folks who frequent it.

Thanks again


Welcome to Strats! ! Glad to have you with us :smile:


Welcome to Strats. The Division is still a few months away; what games are you currently playing?


Hey mate, welcome to the party! I know we’ve had some Division hype aeound these parts, so I doubt you’ll be alone. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:




Welcome aboard.


Welcome to strats.


Welcome to the :strats_green: Strats family!


Welcome to the fam!


Hello from the West Coast of Canada, @Casden! Welcome to Strats!


Much love to all the welcoming posts!

@teh_ninjaneer Been playing an assortment of games lately, not all multiplayer. Divinity: Original Sin, Rocket League, Fallout 4, Guns of Icarus, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms, Dungeon of the Endless…

Weird mix, I know. Haven’t had a good game with a solid crew to play with in too long. Hoping The Division fills that role.


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